Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Move is Over and now "My Kids Turn"

Our move is over and I am beginning to feel more settled. For the first 2 weeks I was feeling like I was in a beautiful hotel and I was the maid. We are still working on little things, well I really mean big things in some cases. Our backyard is as large as a small city park. We have many trees and with that comes trimming. Tim has trimmed and hauled brush to the city landfill once and now we are good until fall. The work left to do is pretty much that which will be on going during the summer growing season.

It feels really good to have it all behind us so that I can concentrate on enjoying our home and the other parts of my life.

In the office at Essdack, we are kicking off a busy summer. Jane Seward and Jodi Case are presenting a 2 day "Spaces and Places" where teachers of the young child are learning tips on creating interesting learning spaces. They are having fun creating colorful places for children to learn.

Michelle Flaming and Renee' Smith have been working hard this week planning for a 2 week "Increasing Mathematical Understanding" grant facilitation training. It will be fun to see the same teachers for 2 weeks in the office learning and having fun.

Jane Seward has 5 days of "Pathways to Reading" beginning next week. The calls are rolling in to sign up!

I have mentioned in a previous blog that I am so fortunate to work where learning is always happening. There are always new buzz words related to learning or education which means there might be something new coming down the pike.

A very exciting thing happening at Essdack are "you tube videos" on

"My Kids Turn" is a website really designed to help a parent with their child's learning at home. It is a great website that addresses many of the things that children struggle with in school. Here is a list of the topics to check out:

Just Desserts
Learn Grow and Bloom
Raising Digital Kids
Art Snacks
By the Numbers
Magic Spell
Great Games Better Brains

As I have had the opportunity to check out what the staff here at Essdack has done with this learning opportunity, I have certainly learned a lot of new things that I can enjoy with my grandchildren. Our staff has shared tools and tips to help children at home continue learning and also have fun doing it. We believe that learning should be fun!

Enjoy learning something new everyday.