Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Facebook the Never Never Word for Me

Another blog post on continuing the learning stream for the way the world is going. Not long ago my famous last words were "me, I will never do Facebook". If you think for one minute I am going to put myself out there, you are crazy. Well, I ate my famous last words and now have a Facebook page and actually enjoy looking at the daily posts. Sometimes I even feel that it is safe to make a comment. I know that once the post is out there all my Facebook friends will have access to my comment. It is fun and exciting to read what others are doing in their lives. Getting to see pictures of family, grandchildren and other events important to that individual is what makes the Facebook connection of value to me.

Facebook is also a great marketing tool for your employer, in my case it is Essdack. When using Facebook I can mention great learning opportunities going on at Essdack. Things like "My Kids Turn" "Podstock" just to name a couple of things. With having my friends on Facebook, I hope those buzz words spur curiosity for my readers on Facebook. My hope is that they wonder as to what those things really are and how it effects kids, teachers and parents of today!
The world we live in today is a very diverse connected place. We can be connected at all times if we desire. I believe that all the tools available today can be a very productive way to promote business and also connect to friends all over the world.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life Long Learning Keeps Us Young

As I think of what is happening in today's world many things come to mind for me. We live in a constant changing world with everything related to technology. Oh my, just think of even last year and where things were and then think of the present. We have twitter, facebook, texting, emailing, internet, ipods, ipads and cell phones with unimaginable uses, just to name a few. Who would ever have thought that we would go from big huge cell phones to what we have today.

I was recently in the store where I do business for my cellular phone. I had hoped that I would be ready to upgrade for a reasonable price. I found out that I have a few months before I will upgrade the phone. However, I did change my plan. Texting was something that I just knew 18 months ago that I could do without so I didn't have it on my phone. Things have changed rapidly for me, that is for sure. My kids both text me all the time and many of my friends. Instead of telling them that I don't do that on my phone. I just played along and understood that it would just add to the bill from my provider. After this month realizing just how much texting was happening for me I knew my plan must change. "Essdack" my employer has an office full of life long learners, and also this "Grammy" refuses to not learn new things. So effective July 13th my cell service will have internet, and unlimited texting capabilities. I must admit that texting is another tool to communicate electronically without to much interruption in our lives. My favorite way to have conversation with friends and family is still the most personal way and that is to converse one on one. However, to learn and grow as a person I think it is necessary to join the learning curve and hope on board. I can not even imagine where the young children of today will be twenty years from now with tools of communication.

For now I will anticipate what is just around the corner so that I keep learning! It is exciting.