Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Essdacks Small Fry "Un-nesting my home"

Many of you have heard the term "I am nesting". Many women expecting babies "nest" as their delivery date nears. They organize, clean and prepare for that little one to enter their home and more importantly their lives. Well, I am "un-nesting" my home! I am not sure if "un-nesting" is actually a word in Webster's, but it works for what I am doing. Tim and I have been in our 2-story 1924 colonial home for 22 years. Needless to say a family accumulates many things in their lives together. Even though my children have been gone from this home for 15 plus years there are still things of theirs and ours that need to be removed. I began yesterday with a decluttering plan starting with the second story and plan on working down to the basement. All of this is an effort to bring peace of mind to me that everything has been cleaned out. If it is possible for Tim and I to agree on the home, at some point in the future we will move to a ranch style house, to be enjoyed as much as we have enjoyed our 2-story colonial.

I know that it is much harder for some to get rid of stuff than others. For me, I figure I have all the memories of all the stuff so I don't actually need to see it. For others it is total torture and painful to throw away or give away their stuff. I am constantly aware that everything has value to someone, especially to those I love the most. Of course, my children have moved on and are accumulating their own stuff so they don't want their old stuff. Well, at this point in time, some executive decisions will have to be made, and guess who will make those decisions. That would be me, "Mom". Someday they will thank me for my actions.

To all of you have an awesome day! Enjoy the wonderful sunshine.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Essdack Small Fry on "What Not to Wear"

How we dress does affect our co-workers. Some of you may be familiar with the cable series "What Not to Wear". The other day, actually a few weeks ago, I entered the Essdack office, not even thinking about the sweater that I wore for the first time. I love animal print things, and it doesn't really matter to me what animal. One of my co-workers and friend, Pat was in the office on this particular day. Now, I know that she is as petrified of snakes as I am mice. Yikes, I will go running so fast I could win a slow marathon if I happen to spot one. Well, she is that way too, with any snake, I mean any snake. I was clueless as to what the print was that I so proudly wore on that day. Guess what folks, it was the print of a "Python". I learned very quickly the species of the snake, when the presenter at Essdack that day, Elaine Bernstorf said "I love your Python printed sweater". I thought OMG, it is a snake pattern.

In the meantime, I left the office briefly, came back to Pat being almost physically ill over my sweater. I offered to go home and change, that I would be happy to do so. Knowing how I would feel over a mouse print that I had to look at all day. She politely said "no that's ok, just don't give me a hug". She made it through the day and I promised her that I would never where the infamous sweater when we are in the office together. That was a day for me that I learned "What Not to Wear" when my friend Pat is in the office.

To all of you have a wonderful, productive and fun day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Life changes from Small Fry

Here it is Monday February 8th. I have been out of the office for a week playing nurse for my son Andy, 34 years of age, single with a broken hip. His accident happened ice skating at the indoor arena in Wichita on Saturday January 30th, with his son Zachary. His surgery was Sunday morning at Via Christi, St Joseph. He is now bionic, in that he has a screw, pins and a plate in his left hip. I have to admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the awesome time that I have had with him. He has a fabulous personality, even with the pain that he has endured the last week. We have had the opportunity to have wonderful conversation and laugh a lot. One of the greatest things about Motherhood is to have the added benefit of being a friend to adult kids. He has 6-8 weeks to go with no weight bearing on his left side. So with that news he is somewhat home bound and needing to use a walker, and State Farm his employer, has been great in allowing him to do much of his work from home. Love that technology, don't we? I have more time to spend with him until he is back on his feet. We have had great conversation about a lot of things that have made as laugh and cry. I will always cherish those moments.

In previous blogs from me I have stated that I am pursing diligently to live life, one-day-at- a time. It is beginning to feel more normal to me and I do like how it feels. Life is a journey with crazy twists and turns and allows us all a wonderful opportunity to grow as people.

To each of you have a wonderful day and stay warm.