Monday, February 8, 2010

Life changes from Small Fry

Here it is Monday February 8th. I have been out of the office for a week playing nurse for my son Andy, 34 years of age, single with a broken hip. His accident happened ice skating at the indoor arena in Wichita on Saturday January 30th, with his son Zachary. His surgery was Sunday morning at Via Christi, St Joseph. He is now bionic, in that he has a screw, pins and a plate in his left hip. I have to admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the awesome time that I have had with him. He has a fabulous personality, even with the pain that he has endured the last week. We have had the opportunity to have wonderful conversation and laugh a lot. One of the greatest things about Motherhood is to have the added benefit of being a friend to adult kids. He has 6-8 weeks to go with no weight bearing on his left side. So with that news he is somewhat home bound and needing to use a walker, and State Farm his employer, has been great in allowing him to do much of his work from home. Love that technology, don't we? I have more time to spend with him until he is back on his feet. We have had great conversation about a lot of things that have made as laugh and cry. I will always cherish those moments.

In previous blogs from me I have stated that I am pursing diligently to live life, one-day-at- a time. It is beginning to feel more normal to me and I do like how it feels. Life is a journey with crazy twists and turns and allows us all a wonderful opportunity to grow as people.

To each of you have a wonderful day and stay warm.

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  1. I agree. We learn much more during the journey than any destination. It's this realization that offer people hope to finally be happy with their lives. Thanks for the thoughts today!