Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kindness is the Best Anectdote for a Great Life

"Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" is a quote that has always inspired me. In our day to day lives we know personally what struggles we are going through. What we don't know about others we meet on the sidewalk, stores, schools, churches or many other places, is what is laying heavy on their lives. As humans we are all given situations in our lives that we think might kill us. The fact is that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Often times when I am out living my life I see a friend or a familiar face and think they seem to always be happy. They must not have anything but great things going on. I have learned that is absolutely not true. Everyone has stuff, baggage if you will, crosses to bear that lays heavy in their heart and mind.

Walking the extra mile with kindness goes a long way in our day to day lives to make others smile. I have noticed that being kind in a restaurant goes a long way in getting good service. Smiling at someone walking down the street in most cases, gives a smile back. You never know what the smile, that extra mile, has done for that person. It might have been the smile that keeps that person going one more day or one more hour! Being kind to others is very gratifying and rewarding. Being kind to others is a gift we all have been given and sometimes we forget how to use the gift. I constantly remind the kids in my life that kindness goes a long way to have a great life! As adults the same holds true, being kind is a gift that lasts forever and certainly is a gift to everyone that enters our life.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Essdack where the Learning Pendulum Never Stops!

Where in the world can you spend hours of your week working, learning and just simply enjoying your day. There are so many things about where I work "Essdack" that make me smile. We are an "Educational Service Center" right in the middle of Kansas and right in the heart of the USA. I have blogged in the past on "life long learning" . If you are eager to stay current on new technologies, and great new ideas on teaching the young to read, or making math fun, then hanging out in my office will be quite enjoyable. Now the reading, math and current technology is just a drop in the bucket to the many things our service center contributes to the educational world. Our employees are energetic and so very eager to teach anyone that wants to learn. Our specialists are the greatest! They are always learning in their field of expertise so our guests who enter leave with something new and exciting for them and the students in their classrooms.

This very morning we had a staff meeting and had valuable conversation about blogging and face booking. We have been ask to write blogs for well over a year now so while it still feels new it is becoming a little more comfortable. We continue to learn tools with both that we can better use these new technologies. I always tell my friends and my family already knows and understands what a great place Essdack is to work with great friends and colleagues. I say to all of you "just keep your mind open and don't be afraid to jump out of the box".

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Like a Good Neighbor"

I know that most of you know that State Farm's claim to fame is: "Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there". What you most likely do not know is that for me personally, I am a State Farm prodigy. State Farm is the only insurance company in my family since my childhood. From the time I was a young driver many years ago "State Farm" has always been there for me. In the past 10 years my son Andy has been employed with the "Good Neighbor" company. He started his career as an underwriter for autos in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After two years he took the position as a "State Farm Agent" in Salina, Kansas. After several years of agency in Salina he took a management position working with many "State Farm Agents" in the Wichita, Hutchinson, Kansas area. He is an educator by college degree so those skills as a teacher were perfect for assisting agents with their businesses. His true desire however, was to have his own "State Farm Agent" office again. One of his best talents is meeting people and being in t
he business he has chosen gives him the opportunity to provide a needed service to families living in his community.

With that I am so excited to have him back in his hometown, Hutchinson, Kansas. He has had the opportunity to take an agency in the city where he was born and raised. Communities are always excited to have young professionals return to where they have childhood memories. It will be exciting for Andy to see folks that he has known forever and fun for him to meet new Hutchonians. He will open his doors for business in Hutchinson, Kansas April 1st. The time is just about here so if you are in the area watch for "Andy Fry State Farm Agent" to open the doors to his new office at: 2420 North Main, Hutchinson, Kansas, in the State Fair Shopping Center.
For me, I am very happy to have him back home. I am richly blessed to have an extension of my family come home to live and work. Check out his commercial by clicking on State Farm below.