Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greeting to all at Essdack on this cold Thursday

Kevin Honeycutt is in the office today with 45 para professionals presenting his passion "Building Positive Relationships that Lead to Student Success". Renee Smith is also presenting a "Math Standards" workshop. Jodi Case and Jane Seward are off to USA to present a couple of break out sessions. Our folks are always on the run to the next stop. I am always so thankful that they arrive at their destinations, safe and sound.

The weather is supposed to change this PM with a winter storm. With that news we canceled a Smart Board training for Friday. It is always a difficult decision to make because one really never knows what "mother nature" will do. We never want anyone risking life and limb to get here. The decision was made to cancel for tomorrow so Pam called the participants this morning and I called the presenter Tuanua to cancel and reschedule for February 25th.

On a lighter note, I have mentioned in a previous blog that I am working really hard in my personal life to get out of my box. It started with something small by changing my linen day on our beds. I did survive!
I am really striving to take life one day at a time, and enjoy things about each day I am blessed with. I lost my precious "Dad" this year and Tim lost his "Dad". When you begin to lose those special loved ones in your life, I have really taken a hold of things my Dad left me. He loved life, people in it, and especially his family. I am working really hard at friendships and spending time with my family. I wake each morning think of my Dad and it jut makes me smile all over.

To all who have read this blog, have the best day possible and be safe.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday here at Essdack

Even though it was a short night for me with insomnia, it is good to be at the office this morning. We have Steve and Deb doing a Kansas Career meeting with 25 attendees. Jodi and Renee are here planning for their mentoring session late afternoon today. It is a good day.

My weekend in Lawrence with my daughter and grand kids was a blast. We went to a movie "Toothfairy", far fetched but a fabulous story of trust, and going for your goals. Sam and Haley loved it as did Em and I.

I am trying really hard to get out of my box. The first thing, out of the box, is switching from Friday to Tuesday for changing my bed sheets. For those life-long friends of mine this will come as a complete surprise. The Friday thing has been with me for almost 37 years. Now please understand there have been exceptions when I have been on vacation. Recently, I made the decision to do Tuesdays. It makes so much sense for my life now. I have always felt that I need to have clean sheets on the bed just in case something would happen to me when I am out of town. I know to most that is so silly, but my strong type A, warrants a lot of things that are just a real pain. Clean bedding is one of them. To my dear friend Judy B, she won't believe this decision. I know many of you are thinking "Get a Life". Believe me I have one and I love it. One should always keep trying new things to simplify everything we do. I am trying and having a great time in the process.

Keep laughing and having fun in everything you do.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day, I am off to Lawrence this afternoon to spend a couple days with two of my grandchildren, Haley 9 and Sam 6. Of course spending quality time with my daughter, Emily too. I always have the decision to make on what route to take. I have been making the trek to Lawrence since 1993 and it is my home away from home. Any of you reading this blog that know me well know that I can create a circus environment. Being with the Wolcott family makes me seem rather calm. Being part of their life for a few days is a blast and so fun it makes my life with my beloved Tim rather boring. Don't get me wrong, boring is not a bad thing.

Grandchildren grow up faster than dandelions in the summer. We are all getting older and I am finding that living one-day-at a time is working better for me than when I was in my younger years.

The Essdack staff had our monthly meeting this morning. I am always so enlightened with the conversations that happen when our people are together. As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, it is so fun to work in a place with folks that are life-long learners.

Have a happy Thursday and take it moment by moment.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beware of the Fog

For all of you KU fans, I don't mean "Beware of the Phog". Kansas has been blasted with fog for over a week. In fact, last Thursday morning on may way to the office I drove in the worst visibility from fog I have ever been in. It was so bad, and add to that we don't have the option of parking lot lights. So any employee arriving before sunrise parks and enters in the dark. As I am driving in the Mall area in my normal route I couldn't see anything. I made a right turn like I always do and was actually at the Sears door not Essdack's entrance. I paused, took a breath and pondered where to go from that point. I thought, "where are the posts and curbs" that I could possibly run into and do major damage to my car. Fortunately, I made it the short distance to the office and was very happy to be safe and sound. To all of you driving miles in this weather, my thoughts are with you. Please be safe!

I enjoyed the K-State vs Texas game last night. Today all K-State fans are enjoying Texas toast. The wildcats played a great game and Coach Frank Martin was as much fun to watch as the actual game.

Tim and I have a storage unit that houses our sports car and a few miscellaneous boxes. Tim got word this morning that it was broke into last night. There was no damage to the car but the boxes had been gone through. There were other units included in the break -in. Needless to say he is moving the car to another unit in case they plan a return visit.

May all of you have a wonderful, productive day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Friday Morning

I am out of the office today and enjoying a very cold one at home. I love winter but I like snow better than bitter temperatures.
Next week in the office at ESSDACK we have a busy one. Wednesday the 13th every corner of the facility is filled with learners. It is so fun to see customers come in our doors that are life-long learners. My job is to provide them with customer service that they will remember. After all these years they still like the smell of fresh baked cookies in the afternoon.

Until next week and things get crazy, to all of you blog readers, stay warm and enjoy life one- day -at a time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Morning from ESSDACK'S Small Fry

Another busy day here at the office and a cold one. Our head Cook (Dr Mike) scooped what snow fell overnight off of our walk to our entrance. Thanks Mike.

Kevin Honeycutt is here today doing a "trainer of trainer " on Cyber Bullying.
We are bringing in lunch for our HOA Superintendents.
Dr Mike is here with Superintendents with an online presentation.

The coffee is on and we are off and running.

To all of you have an awesome day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From ESSDACK'S Small Fry

This is my first day to blog so everyone should bear with me "Small Fry" at Essdack. My week started by cleaning out the fridge in our kitchen and throwing away 2 staff member's lunches. It has been good to back in the office with my friends here. At Essdack we are looking forward to a great 2010. January is becoming very busy with our meeting rooms.