Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday here at Essdack

Even though it was a short night for me with insomnia, it is good to be at the office this morning. We have Steve and Deb doing a Kansas Career meeting with 25 attendees. Jodi and Renee are here planning for their mentoring session late afternoon today. It is a good day.

My weekend in Lawrence with my daughter and grand kids was a blast. We went to a movie "Toothfairy", far fetched but a fabulous story of trust, and going for your goals. Sam and Haley loved it as did Em and I.

I am trying really hard to get out of my box. The first thing, out of the box, is switching from Friday to Tuesday for changing my bed sheets. For those life-long friends of mine this will come as a complete surprise. The Friday thing has been with me for almost 37 years. Now please understand there have been exceptions when I have been on vacation. Recently, I made the decision to do Tuesdays. It makes so much sense for my life now. I have always felt that I need to have clean sheets on the bed just in case something would happen to me when I am out of town. I know to most that is so silly, but my strong type A, warrants a lot of things that are just a real pain. Clean bedding is one of them. To my dear friend Judy B, she won't believe this decision. I know many of you are thinking "Get a Life". Believe me I have one and I love it. One should always keep trying new things to simplify everything we do. I am trying and having a great time in the process.

Keep laughing and having fun in everything you do.

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  1. Jenny,
    How is changing your bed linens on Tuesday any better or easier than on Friday? Also, could you please come to my house and clean....we could use a little more Type A!!!!