Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day, I am off to Lawrence this afternoon to spend a couple days with two of my grandchildren, Haley 9 and Sam 6. Of course spending quality time with my daughter, Emily too. I always have the decision to make on what route to take. I have been making the trek to Lawrence since 1993 and it is my home away from home. Any of you reading this blog that know me well know that I can create a circus environment. Being with the Wolcott family makes me seem rather calm. Being part of their life for a few days is a blast and so fun it makes my life with my beloved Tim rather boring. Don't get me wrong, boring is not a bad thing.

Grandchildren grow up faster than dandelions in the summer. We are all getting older and I am finding that living one-day-at a time is working better for me than when I was in my younger years.

The Essdack staff had our monthly meeting this morning. I am always so enlightened with the conversations that happen when our people are together. As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, it is so fun to work in a place with folks that are life-long learners.

Have a happy Thursday and take it moment by moment.

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