Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot Chili Peppers!

A couple weeks ago Tim, myself and friends spent a few fun filled days in Toas, New Mexico. We enjoyed beautiful sunsets in several different locations in the area. Sunsets are beautiful no matter where we are, but there is something about the mountains that makes for magnificent "eye candy". We enjoyed the square with so much to see. We all loved the food of the area too!

To that end this blog mainly is about "chili peppers". We enjoyed peppers one night in almost a soup form. It was so delicious! It was so good we all could have taken a spoon and eaten it like soup. We had the opportunity to come home with a sack of of "chili peppers". I decided that I would use both red and green for our brats and kraut lunch. Chopped chili peppers seemed the perfect addition to our meal. I proceeded to my chopping block with a knife and peppers in hand. I was thinking to myself fresh from New Mexico doesn't get much better. I prepared the peppers for the grill and went on about the business at hand. Tim did the grilling and I was attending to last minute details so that we could enjoy our invited guests. As I am chopping away I noticed that I was getting hot! I mean like my skin, finger tips, and eyes. Now please understand I was pretty inexperienced with chili peppers straight from New Mexico. I continued chopping because I was on a mission to have these hot things for lunch.

Lunch was served and so were the peppers. One bite for me was plenty because at that point my fingers felt as though I had burned them on a hot stove. I had barely any feeling on the tips of my fingers. Please read this link on How to Treat a Hot Pepper Burn. This saved me from continuing to burn. I will always love peppers but I will treat those little things with a lot of respect! Beware the next time you are thinking of tackling them bare handed.