Thursday, November 18, 2010

Transition is a Good Thing

Today's blog is on "transition". I have always known in my life that everything changes and nothing stays the same. I have also blogged in the past on "life long learning" and how important it is to focus on learning something new everyday. Please check out the site on 15 steps to cultivate life long learning. Many times it feels safer and more comfortable to stay in your box. The problem with that is we are not pushed to the limit of learning something new. Learning can take on many different shapes and sizes. It can make you nervous, a little stressed, and then it can also build your confidence and most importantly your knowledge. As we get older it is important to continue doing activities that make us think and use different parts of our brain. Many times during our life we experience many forms of transition. Just to name a few, going to college, getting married, children leaving home and losing a loved one.

I am experiencing transition in my work place "Essdack". It has been exciting to learn some new technology and support skills that are different than what I have previously experienced. At Essdack we have educational specialists that support educators in the learning process. These are folks that work diligently to have learning be fun and exciting whether you are a kid or an adult. These are creative folks that put all of themselves in to their trainings. Supporting them is not new for me but my responsibilities have changed and the transition feels good.