Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beware of the Fog

For all of you KU fans, I don't mean "Beware of the Phog". Kansas has been blasted with fog for over a week. In fact, last Thursday morning on may way to the office I drove in the worst visibility from fog I have ever been in. It was so bad, and add to that we don't have the option of parking lot lights. So any employee arriving before sunrise parks and enters in the dark. As I am driving in the Mall area in my normal route I couldn't see anything. I made a right turn like I always do and was actually at the Sears door not Essdack's entrance. I paused, took a breath and pondered where to go from that point. I thought, "where are the posts and curbs" that I could possibly run into and do major damage to my car. Fortunately, I made it the short distance to the office and was very happy to be safe and sound. To all of you driving miles in this weather, my thoughts are with you. Please be safe!

I enjoyed the K-State vs Texas game last night. Today all K-State fans are enjoying Texas toast. The wildcats played a great game and Coach Frank Martin was as much fun to watch as the actual game.

Tim and I have a storage unit that houses our sports car and a few miscellaneous boxes. Tim got word this morning that it was broke into last night. There was no damage to the car but the boxes had been gone through. There were other units included in the break -in. Needless to say he is moving the car to another unit in case they plan a return visit.

May all of you have a wonderful, productive day.

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