Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Changing of Life Habits for a First Grader

My youngest grandchild , Sam, just started first grade. He is attending school in a district that did not offer all day kindergarten. His experience may be a little different than a child that has had the experience of being in school all day. As I ponder the life of my own children as they progressed through public education and beyond it seems like a moment ago! I remember thinking oh, first grade, we have years ahead to grow and develop into adulthood. Wow, did that time fly by me like a rocket! Now I am watching the same thing with grandchildren. Sam is a typical first grader in many ways. He loves learning new things but it takes the talent of a creative teacher to make his classroom creative and exciting to hold his attention. Not having experienced all day kindergarten he is experiencing for the first time a longer day of learning. I know that earlier bedtime is very important for these young ones to succeed in school. The proper amount of sleep does help. But how much sleep does your child really need? This is a great read on the topic of sleep and how much is needed and of course it always depends on the individual child.

With the changes that come along being a first grader also comes educational expectations with learning. So much is expected in first grade. Reading is certainly a subject that is very necessary for a young student to grasp. It is the reading skills that one possess that carries us into many other facets of our education. For without learning to read we are stifled when it comes to everything else that is also expected as a learner. It takes special first grade teachers to challenge their students in such a way to make reading a fun experience. For it is with that in place when young students begin to love reading. As parents at home reading to our young ones is still a fabulous way to spend quality time with our kids or grandchildren. If we are reading to young ones, stopping every so often and asking a question or two, is a great way to find out what the child is hearing in the story. It is a great way to have wonderful one on one time too!

I have mentioned before in my blog that "
my kids turn" is a great website for parents, grandparents, or anyone that has the opportunity to be involved in the learning of a child. Please check it out and have fun with any student. There are many games and strategies to help in all areas of learning for kids.

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