Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life is Good-so Good

What an exciting season on the yearly calendar. Fall is just my favorite time of year, what can I say! "Life is Good" really good for many reasons. Our geological region has just experienced the worst heat for as many days in a row as I can remember. Oh, fall! That means children are leaving their comfort zones and headed into another school year. For some little kindergartners' heading off to school, away from their comfortable surroundings, it is often times a little scary. For other kids there is positive energy and they are anxious and ready for their independence. We are all different in many ways and that is a very good thing. Those differences are what makes life happen and makes the world go around.

Here in the Essdack office the staff is bustling around like Christmas is around the corner. Our specialists are so very busy with in service training for districts in our area and outside the state of Kansas. I continue to be amazed at their ability to "wow" teacher audiences with their knowledge and experience. By sharing their knowledge they broaden the thinking of educators and give tools and information that helps to make learning fun and interesting for kids.

My hats go off to teachers. Their challenges are different every year they teach. Each classroom of kids has a different set of circumstances. Educators have a huge responsibility in meeting the needs of every child. We are richly blessed in Kansas to have wonderful devoted educators that keep on going each and every year to enrich the lives of their kiddos! "Life is Good" for many reasons and this time of year it is good because we have classrooms full of life-long learning.

We have parents who have released their children into classrooms with great expectations for learning and excitement for their child or children. Parents please remember "my kids turn" is available with wonderful learning tools to help your children at home. The activities are very fun and interactive. Check it out!

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