Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Essdack Small Fry on "Time Change Again"

I really do desire that the time of the "world clock" would stay one way or the other. It is so messy to do the hour thing twice a year. I know it is simple "spring forward and fall back". I do get that part. You all know that change happens this weekend March 14th, don't you? It is now daylight in the mornings and is so nice to get up and get going. Sunday morning it will be dark when it is time to get up and still be light in the night. Our biological clock will spend a week or two being confused. I remember with children at home it was always difficult to get them to bed because it was not dark. However, they did eventually adjust to it until it was time to do it again.

I do admit that extra hour of light in the evenings gives us all more time to enjoy the outdoors. The change of time in the spring means new life and re- birth for all things dormant from the long winter. My favorite thing in the spring is to be outdoors in the early mornings, coffee in hand, for the sunrise. This is a time when possible, I enjoyed with my precious Dad. He so loved those early mornings in the spring. I have such fond memories of those scenes in my life.

Once again, Sunday morning at 2:00 am approximately 70 countries will alter their lives and biological clocks for the big spring change. Look at it as a great chance to enjoy the outdoors as we have all had a long cold winter.

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