Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ambassador for Asperger's

Ambassador, what does that mean to most of us? Well, one definition I found on -line is the following: an authorized representative or messenger b : an unofficial representative

As I think of the term, I think of someone that is spreading positive information about something they are passionate about. For me personally, I am an "ambassador" for my Grandson Zachary. He is 9 soon to be 10 this summer and is in the 4th grade. Four years ago he was diagnosed with Asperger's which is high functioning Autism.

Zachary is a kiddo of high intelligence and has some of the greatest gifts that you could ever want in a kid. He does however have some quirks that can be very frustrating at times. As he has gotten older many of the social things that were a problem are kinda disappearing. Life with Zachary is always fun because he is so witty. He uses big words and his ability to communicate has always been way above what his age reflects. One of the things that a child with Asperger's deals with is not understanding social cues. He is likely to say exactly what he sees and it may not be exactly appropriate. We spend a lot of time explaining a more acceptable response. The great thing about him is that he has fabulous manners. He is never remiss at being kind when things are offered to him or he is given a gift. Needless to say, the entire family has said things that we all would understand and Zachary takes it literally. Like "it's raining cats and dogs." I chuckled to myself when he wondered where the cats and dogs were.

His diet has always and still is a challenge for all of us all the time. A child with Aspergers finds 3 or 4 things they will eat for a very long time. It is often times food that is not very healthy. We have all spent countless hours trying to find the next new food for his taste buds. We are now beginning a new plan of action where food is involved. After countless hours of research and concern of his diet, as a family, Zachary is going to begin to try very small bites of new things. This will be a challenge but worth fighting for a healthier diet and better brain food.

Being an"ambassador" for a kid is so much fun for me. It comes with some frustration but the gift of happiness that he brings those that love him far out ways the hurdles. Every second that I spend with him I am richly blessed by his huge heart and his sincere love for me, his "Grammy." My heart is so full and I am richly blessed being an "ambassador" for this kiddo.

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  1. Children with Aspergers tend to get attached to a person very much. They don’t interact with anyone else. They have very poor social skills. They tend to have repetitive behavioral patterns and rituals. It is very nice to be around these kids as they love you a lot.