Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haley Eleven Years of Delight!

Tim and I had the pleasure of celebrating our grand daughter Haley's 11th birthday in Lawrence, Kansas this past weekend. The party was our first to attend with her friends both girls and boys. Haley is in 5th grade at "Deerfield Elementary". Next year she will be going in to 6th grade which will be the first year that Lawrence USD 497 is moving 6th grade to middle school. Haley has always been a delightful child in every aspect of her life. She is sweet, compassionate, intuitive and just truly delightful to spend time with. I thought my own children grew up and spread their wings in the blink of on eye. Well trust me on this one that my grandchildren are growing up way to quickly. Pictured here is my daughter Emily and of course Haley.

I love spending time with these 2 girls. They are both a blast to hang with. They compliment each other so nicely and the older Haley gets the more she reminds me of her mom. My daughter truly appreciates Haley's zest for life. Watching her with friends on Saturday at "Jaybowl" in the University of Kansas Student Union was a lot of fun. The 5th graders from Deerfield that I observed were just great kids. They would all have done their parents proud. They were well mannered and really enjoyed being at the party. There is always a lot of emotion for kids when they are changing to a brand new building for their learning. It sure helps a lot to have friends that you know are there for you. At this point I feel confident that my soon to be middle schooler will be just fine if she surrounds herself with the awesome kids that attended her 11 year old birthday party.
I am richly blessed to have Haley in my life. She brings this Grammy mountains of joy to my family.

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