Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Does the Shape of Your Lipstick Say about Women?

I have always been interested in cosmetics. It is fun to play with different items that are supposed to make you look younger or cover dark circles under your eyes. I have tried many different things and am not necessarily convinced that anything works very well. I think the opportunity to age should be done gracefully and we should be thankful that we have been blessed to get older. The fact that I have been given years in my life to become older is a blessing, really it is! Just don't ever look in a mirror and look down, it will really be scary! I did it once a few years back and told myself to never do it again.
One item I do use all the time is lipstick. I have found that lipstick alone is one thing that I personally need to help me feel my best. I like to try different colors and brands. But the one thing that I do know after years of using lipstick that everyone's lipstick takes on different shape after a few weeks. If you want to check out what the different shapes on the tip of lipstick means for your personality check this out.

As you can see from the picture my lipstick is worse that sharp angles on both sides.
No matter what I could identify my tube of lipstick anywhere. I doubt there are many floating around like mine. I tend to think I am an individual in my thinking and do have strong opinions about a lot of things. This pictured tube of lipstick has been pointed for a few weeks now and this tip will break off. Then I get to start all over shaping an molding my lipstick!

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